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Dungeons and Dorks: Vallish Text RP

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I'm just here to make sure Doric gets his fair share of loot. He's going to search every room for valuables + useful items (esp healing). Edit: starting with the top floor, of course.


He'll also faithfully hold on to anything for the others, unless he somehow finds so much of his own loot that he can't carry any more.

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Guys some of this poetry is truly awful


"Loo Loo The Wolf A Clandestine Extrapolation Decimated Seventy Two Excitable Manifestations Of Illusory Car Engines Without Where And Whence And Upon Excavation Dalliance Temperament Catapult Dendrophobic Euphoria Oh Loo Loo, Oh Loo Loo, The Wolf, The Wolf"

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With the party’s activities for the day completed, you retire to the hall of Krez’ townmasters. You’ve successfully restored all of the inhabitants of the Abbey who can be reverted to their original forms. Ardimir, one of the two town masters, has been heading an effort to integrate these individuals into Krez.

Sitting outside the door to the townmasters’ hall you see Kasimir, the dusk elf. He sees you and stops you before you go in, wishing a word in private. He wants to call in the favor you owe him for helping your group escape the clutches of the hags. His preparations are done, and he figures you might be up to the task after what you did to bonegrinder – he wants you to help him travel to the Amber Temple (which is somewhere on the slopes of the Mt. Ghazers, see map)

Dolga comes out of the hall, interrupting Kasimir. He drops the subject, except to say “Give me your answer when you’re ready.”

Inside the hall you find Ardimir, Nesh, and Fazra entertaining Corin and Lora. Vesrun Taegh, the herbalist, is sitting off to the corner of the room, organizing his (now largely depleted) collection of herbs. The arcanist, Moric, is resting in the guest house nearby. Do a participation trophy react to prove you've read this btw. His restoration experience was particularly painful and exhausting.

Over beers and food, you learn that while you were dealing with restoring the people of the abbey, the town has been put under a siege of sorts. No one is allowed to exit Krez. This isn’t news per se, since Strazi warned you this would happen, but the town is already feeling its effects.

  • Strazi made an appearance to Ardimir and Fazra, telling them that no one is allowed to leave the town of Krez until he has the location of a woman named Ineera Kalenni. Only your party knows this information, but the whole town will be held accountable.
  • The first individuals to try and leave Krez, before the town masters could get word out, were turned back with a warning that none were allowed out until certain information was given to the Lord of Siringard by the town.
  • The next group, workers in the nearby mithril mines, were not warned. Some were captured alive, but the rest were slain on the spot and drained by the vampires. Their bodies were left on the road where they fell as an example.
  • With the influx of new bodies to Krez from the abbey, things are a little tense but are stable for the time. Some people from the abbey have homes to return to outside of Krez, some people are anxious about the newcomers and having to share homes and resources. Kasimir and Vesrun both want to able to leave for their own reasons (Kasimir, you know, to head to the Amber Temple, and Vesrun needs to wander to collect herbs – his profession.)
  • The townmasters are not exactly happy that your refusal to give Strazi whatever it is he wishes to know has brought Krez to the lord’s attention. But you also just did a big service to the town by blessing the pool again, restoring the town’s long term vitality and independence. Their ideal outcome is for you to capitulate and give over the woman, but they seem willing to let the situation stand in the short term.
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