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  1. England just going to come in fourth place in every single world cup for the rest of time now.
  2. someone send me the link to the fantasy league so I can prepare my GLORIOUS THREE IN A ROW CHAMPIONS squad
  3. if peru win a thing then Martin will have to return and be our king again and lead the clan to glory IT IS FORETOLD
  4. German defense is horrible, but the Spanish strikers are somehow even worse! So Germany is leading 1-0.
  5. okay ladies, I think scoring literally 13 goals may be tempting fate though
  6. ALEX MORGAN HATTRICK hell yeah mods pls delete all the non women's football threads on this forum
  7. Cameroon players just kicking the hell out of Canada players in the box and no one's even asking for a foul. The greatest sport.
  8. nah TEAM USA will win it's RECORD FOURTH WORLD CUP and then Alex Morgan will be elected president
  9. This started like a week ago. But why should I watch the Women's World Cup, you ask? Women don't dive for some reason. No one has taught them how to yet. Women are surprisingly violent and the refs seem less concerned with it??? Most of the teams still play glorious 4-4-2. You want short passing? Possession??? Strategies that don't involve just hoofing it up the field and hoping for the best? No. Fuck you. The nets are the same size but the goalkeepers are obviously shorter and no one has noticed this yet so there are more goals. USA is actually good at this. Also Canada. Alex Morgan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_FIFA_Women's_World_Cup
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/jose-mourinho-newcastle-united-manager-16482660
  11. No idea how UEFA managed to do this but Burger King Presents the Gazprom UEFA Nations League (Sponsored by Volkswagen) has turned out to be pretty good???
  12. Time to add whatever the hell a “waaalwijijk” is to our eternal enemies list.
  13. yeah this is the like best horror and/or political drama and/or stellan skarsgård I've ever seen
  14. the behind the scenes documentaries for each episode are so good, like the LOTR DVD extras from the olden days
  15. I don't think there's a Night's Watch anymore (since Jon immediately left when he arrived at the Wall), it was just a euphemistic compromise way of exiling Jon. I like the ending in a sense because it's a very cynical one: after hundreds of thousands of people dying, and years and years of war, the Starks and Lannisters are still running the country, the kingdom is ruled by a bunch of incompetents (Tyrion has proven himself to be an idiot, Davos can barely read, the master of coin is literally a criminal mercenary, Sam hasn't even finished his maester training???), so in that sense the wheel keeps on turning. The only two people who could have changed things are dead and exiled, and Jon was basically used by Tyrion to save his life and put him back in power (and for his troubles Jon is emotionally scarred and exiled to Siberia and never gets to see his family again). I also like that all the various prophecies turned out to be nonsense, which seems to have annoyed people. (Also you can argue that whatever the hell kind of immortal demigod the Three-Eyed Raven is (because remember Bran isn't Bran anymore, he's been taken over by this thing), It has engineered a coup and now rules the continent (and is actively searching for the remaining dragon presumably so It can warg into the dragon and control it). Like this unaccountable, omniscient being has been running the show the entire time and now he controls everything. Seems bad??? Maybe the Night King, who was trying to kill him, was the good guy all along?? In fact the only things we know about the Night King come from Bran? WHAT IF HE WAS LYING???). BUT, I don't think D&D realized this and it seems like they think they wrote a happy ending??? So who knows.
  16. it is with a very heart that I must admit that the writers owned me
  17. they literally made him run away and become the Westerosi equivalent of a lumberjack
  18. time to implement basketball scoring rules so that Arsenal can finally qualify for the champions league again IMO
  19. Lief


    mods pls ban
  20. Oh wait he’s just an Aston Villa coach, NEVERMIND
  21. Supporting Aston Villa because 80-year-old John Terry playing in the premier league again would be funny IMO
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