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  1. Time to bring in Mourinho now. He’s the only one that can either save Arsenal or, failing that, destroy it once and for all in the most hilarious way.
  2. okay but seriously please do something sterling
  3. Cantwell deep on my bench, scoring goals against City
  4. please do not be mean to me and my horrible fantasy football team
  5. Okay now that Arsenal has lost we just need, uh, approximately 12 more Kane goals to catch up with Soggy.
  6. harold if you screw up this penalty I will be both happy and sad
  7. Soggy’s going to be first in the league this week unless Kane does some goals
  8. if a single one of my players could do anything that would be nice
  9. I was promised that Norwich would be good.
  10. and get ready for nonstop pope-themed content hell yeah
  11. not a single but this David Byrne cover of "I wanna dance with somebody" slaps
  12. looks pretty good but not as good as WATCHMEN: THE TV SHOW imo
  13. I could have bought 1.6 Pukkis for the price of this useless Kane fellow.
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