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  1. the behind the scenes documentaries for each episode are so good, like the LOTR DVD extras from the olden days
  2. I don't think there's a Night's Watch anymore (since Jon immediately left when he arrived at the Wall), it was just a euphemistic compromise way of exiling Jon. I like the ending in a sense because it's a very cynical one: after hundreds of thousands of people dying, and years and years of war, the Starks and Lannisters are still running the country, the kingdom is ruled by a bunch of incompetents (Tyrion has proven himself to be an idiot, Davos can barely read, the master of coin is literally a criminal mercenary, Sam hasn't even finished his maester training???), so in that sense the wheel keeps on turning. The only two people who could have changed things are dead and exiled, and Jon was basically used by Tyrion to save his life and put him back in power (and for his troubles Jon is emotionally scarred and exiled to Siberia and never gets to see his family again). I also like that all the various prophecies turned out to be nonsense, which seems to have annoyed people. (Also you can argue that whatever the hell kind of immortal demigod the Three-Eyed Raven is (because remember Bran isn't Bran anymore, he's been taken over by this thing), It has engineered a coup and now rules the continent (and is actively searching for the remaining dragon presumably so It can warg into the dragon and control it). Like this unaccountable, omniscient being has been running the show the entire time and now he controls everything. Seems bad??? Maybe the Night King, who was trying to kill him, was the good guy all along?? In fact the only things we know about the Night King come from Bran? WHAT IF HE WAS LYING???). BUT, I don't think D&D realized this and it seems like they think they wrote a happy ending??? So who knows.
  3. it is with a very heart that I must admit that the writers owned me
  4. they literally made him run away and become the Westerosi equivalent of a lumberjack
  5. time to implement basketball scoring rules so that Arsenal can finally qualify for the champions league again IMO
  6. Lief


    mods pls ban
  7. Oh wait he’s just an Aston Villa coach, NEVERMIND
  8. Supporting Aston Villa because 80-year-old John Terry playing in the premier league again would be funny IMO
  9. Hopefully the Iron Bank invades to collect its debts, executes all the claimants to the throne, changes Westeros' government type to "merchant republic," and then Westeros can finally have an industrial revolution after being stuck in the middle ages for like 10,000 years for some reason.
  10. The annoying thing about this show is that everything else is still great about it. Direction, cinematography, music, acting, special effects, all fantastic. They keep giving Emilia Clarke ridiculous nonsense to do and she almost manages to make it sense through sheer force of expressive eyebrows. But the writing is so bad and lazy. Even the high level storyline is still okay, but they just speed from one plot point to the next without laying any foundation. Like if they had spent a full season on the “Dany turns evil” arc, it could have been good. Instead it happens in like 15 minutes. Or spend an entire season tracking what’s happening at Kings Landing so we actually know what’s going on. Cersei basically did the Medeival equivalent of 9/11 if the Pope had also been in the Twin Towers that day. Does anyone care?? Do they know she did it? Do the common people like her? How are she and a maester and a giant zombie singlehandedly running the entire country??? This stuff used to matter but now we’re too busy spending 30 minutes watching nameless extras burn to death to emphasize the “war is bad” theme I guess???? It’s all just so awful.
  11. I don't even know what to say at this point. It's hard to do a final season, most final seasons are the worst seasons of a show, but this is just ridiculous. We're at Dexter Season 8 levels here folks.
  12. maybe that'll teach Veggie to bet against the MIGHTY ARSENAL
  13. final fantasy points: 2,400 final fantasy rank: 6,753 winning the FPH League two years in a row: good as hell
  14. I will be supporting “Legia Warsaw,” nicknamed literally “The Military,” who play in literally the “Polish Army Stadium” I’m sure there’s nothing fascist there
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