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  1. someone please just fix the forum it's hideous and keeps making noises at me and there's nothing stopping some gormless hooligan from recommending every post in a thread, forcing me to read our terrible posts twice
  2. Our long international nightmare is over
  3. My excuse is that the forum update has rendered it nearly unreadable and so I’m just seeing this now. 🤯
  4. Whoa how did Soggy make his post all fancy
  5. The “participation trophy” is like a very passive aggressive anti-dugong and I love it.
  6. unfortunately it looks like the update broke Soggy though 😰
  7. oh cool emojis work now 👍
  8. is it just me or does the forum look like shit these days
  9. need to figure out how to replace all of my players with liverpool defenders
  10. doesn’t seem too hard actually
  11. turns out they would go on to steal the win with VAR nonsense
  12. Ajax much better so far but haven't scored, so you know Madrid are going to steal a win somehow.
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