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  1. I saw that the entire place collapsed when I left! How outrageous. I'm looking forward to the next Nile Penguin sacrifice.
  2. The Golden Hippo


    I wholeheartedly approve of this new product from Golden Hippo Enterprises Inc. and endorse it as the ONE TRUE DIP of the FPH Clan. Afterall, christians find Jesus in their toast, why shouldn't you worshippers find Flying Purple Hippos in your dip?
  3. The Golden Hippo


    Mhm. Carry on with your matters then, my mortal friends. I give you my blessings and a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. The Golden Hippo


    Who is this silly little creature, my children?
  5. Talon is the name you hath assumed entering the Temple. Why do you want to change back to Dave? I mean, all those marines that are first to be shot during an action that goes horribly wrong/first to be eaten by aliens/first to get killed by evil invading legions are always called Dave. Valueth thou not thine hippopotamic heritage?
  6. Your world domination progress, in all approximation you can possibly need, is 42.3588032. However, your successful summoning of me without killing yourselves in the process, raised this figure to 42.4101564. And the peanut butter was delicious.
  7. Verily, it is somewhat humorous that I, who devised the language of the Flying Purple Hippos, am titled "illiterate". However, I decided that interfering with the very nature of reality to use the Powers of Admins without their consent could be considered... an overreaction. Sacrifices are of no importance to my power, but I know that my Penguin friends are rather fond of this well-established tradition It has not escaped my attention that the Teal Hippos are relentless as ever. I am sure some... unfavorable wind can be arranged so that they do not disturb us in the next several hours. It is good to speak to you, little humans, again after all these years Surely, you did prepare peanut butter?
  8. *Falls from the sky* *Pauses in mid-air* *Majestically lands on the Temple square* *Looks around* I have returned.
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