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  1. Meanwhile, in the PUERTO RICO league I am distantly behind the early leaders ACM TERRORISTAS, who have procured a divine weapon in a 14 point Sheff Utd defender Perhaps this man has married three witches
  2. Mr Soggy, when are our gold-plated copies of Sixth Extinction arriving? I shouldn't like to miss the first reading
  3. @Shuskee and also @sacmaster because we apparently have a member with this glorious name YOU ARE INVITED TO A NIGHT OF AGE OF EMPIRES BE THERE ON SLACK IN 2 HOURS
  4. !!!!!!!! VAR owned by City and the VEGGIES shall beat everyone as long as the WOLFS show up and do their job This will be a great week yes it will Nothing could go wrong
  5. I am making ZERO CHANGES Have at me, gods of fate
  6. Technically Hegel also qualifies for those categories, sir
  7. Sir, technically, Hong, 2020 will qualify for all of those criteria
  8. The philistine has not a point, sir, do please continue Meanwhile, WEEK ONE RESULTS show that apparently 80 gameweek points is subpar when competing with American doping fantasy athletes Rank Team & Manager GW 1 Lief City Liefs Cyrus B 98 2 Very Awful Decisions Dugong Manatee 94 3 The Anarcho-Marxists nemo nemo 80 4 Maraisards d'Avignon Eugene Sit 65 5 The Ghosts of Wenger veggiesmurf hippopotatoastetris 48
  10. Also uh Widely celebrated as the best transfer window in a decade Starts zero new signing
  11. You can see that it didn't really matter, because Xhaka has cleverly found a way to never ever pass to the guy
  12. As the honourable mods can see, add both their points up and I am still behind motherfucking Lief
  13. Why the fuck do Lief and Shusky/Soggy* have everything that I have plus Kane THIS IS FINANCIAL DOPING *Literally cannot tell between you on FPL now
  14. I am certainly gunning for them to score four more By May 2020
  15. Oh literally everybody captained Salah except for
  16. Behold the ANARCHO-MARXISTES All my pool points will be completely meaningless because everybody else will have them, thus I shall be victorious with surprise TROY DEENEY COJONES POINTS
  17. I cannot, for my sin cabinet is stuck and won't load Also holy shit an arsenal player you cad
  18. My team is now WOLFS & BRIGHTON CO., a most authentic British pub name
  19. And yes the Arsesmurfs will now captain David every week
  21. Mr Lief please understand you are now contractually obliged to captain David every week this season
  22. Friends, the Cinemarcheologist Division has ventured into the deep jungles of Best Korea to identify the oldest and most prestigious films from the peninsula The Vow Made Before the Moon (1923) was the VERY FIRST, funded by the Japanese colonialists eager to imprint cultural images of Korean inferiority The lead actress, five years later, would be reported (below) as having turned a geisha Madame Freedom (1956) was a revolutionary film dealing in ADULTERY, and was so saucy that the solitary KISS SCENE had to be censored out of cinemas!!! This thrilling and bold work would lead Korean culture on the path to Kimchi slaps today The Horse-Lover Woman (1982) marked a decade in which the Koreans made nothing but pornography, surely contributing to the eventual overthrow of the military dictatorship It was also a technological tour de force, requiring the lead actress to ride a horse naked, but most importantly, without a stirrup
  23. Or perhaps all of these preseason rumblings are just the prelude to a VEGGIECTORY it's like a mastectomy but less joyful
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