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  1. i have no words for you, sir, only pixels
  2. Yes, just one thing A smurf team composed entirely of Arsenal players, ex-Arsenal players, players who turned down Arsenal (And a couple of heroic wolf heroes)
  3. OK also my 'friend' would like the league code to enter this league
  4. @Lief log in & pick a squad and it will re-enrol you in the league
  5. NE THER LANDS NE THER LANDS I await the triumphant victory of VAN DE DONK, Arsenal heroe
  6. Then it is time for us to use the FORBIDDEN TECHNOLOGY to summon him @Shuskee
  7. Archival research tells us that SHUSK EEE is responsible for renewing the Fantasy League, the Land of Illusionary Hyundais
  8. not me, i think also i am still waiting to see if arsenal buy any players hah hah hah hahahahahaha
  9. Veggie

    Vecht Fantasia, 2019

  10. Veggie

    Vecht Fantasia, 2019

    The exhilarating performance captured LIVE Be sure to watch in cutting-edge 480p for the SURPRISING TWIST
  11. Oh right, half of you aren't even on slack Turns out Alhambra Room is one of SEVERAL different equally kitsch room themes, and that the hotel is so authentically ghetto they had a vending machine with ONLY spirits inside Our room was CHINA
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