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  1. I would like to take a moment and note that LUCIANO DOS SANTOS EL PEREIRA, in fact, hoodwinked all of us by HAVING VAN DIJK IN HIS TEAM ALL THIS TIME
  2. Q: how many tears can you really fit into three fantasy players? A:
  3. Ask me in two days Or not, for I shall be dead of despair so powerful that it shall bypass the despair immunity I acquired back in the Mythic Age of the Clan
  4. What are you folks on about, we all know the Champions League was disbanded about five years ago when The Greatest Striker on Earth Nicklas Bendtner was assigned to knock Barcelona out and proceeded to pass the ball gently to the keeper There is no champions league and in fact there never has been, ever
  5. I had to use like 3 different browsers to do this and also sell myself to the devil's arsehole by buying a lionel I WILL HAVE MY PITY TROPHY
  7. Some men are heroes Other men are fucking buttbucket bastards
  8. Fairly high, actually Game became easier and simpler
  9. brb wildcarding to buy the walking ent
  10. To this date only one of TWO honourable gentlefoosballers to earn a seat in the FPH EMOTICON TABLE
  11. hong was also there to celebrate the hongday, but his donkey wagon was caught in a flower field and he was late
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