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  1. You mean ghosts of wenger, my secrer serious totally not smurf joke fantasy team
  2. Yes well at least THE GHOSTS OF WENGER are leading the league Observe the grand strategy that none of you could surpass with all your FACTS and NUMBERS
  3. Well, two mediocre teams on a bad pitch played terrible football Just a reminder that up to last year, THIS would have been ruled offside giving mancs a 1-0 victory in "best league in the world" EPL ....and it would have been given by the assref there right there the one staring straight at the defender
  4. I had Doherty, I sold him I had King, I sold him I had oysters in my world, and my hands slipped through them
  5. hey shusky hey, hey shusky hey shusky
  7. also uh looks like i might be tripling shuskpointes
  8. Oh shit guys, this gameweek It's over I https://imgur.com/a0U05v7 https://imgur.com/a0U05v
  9. You're probably lucky to get away with so many point
  10. although the real purpose was to sell all my wolfs
  11. !!!!!!! behold the WILD VEGGIES are leading thr points haul with their clever and totally unexpected CAPTAIN AGOOGOO
  12. Sub Fabianski in and you'd be beating Lief
  13. OK, ok, ok, ok This was all just a CLEVER PLAN so the board of directors will approve my EARLY WILDCARD bonanza Now can someone give me a list of all the players on soggyteam, just for inspiration you understand
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