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  1. Mike


    Puerto Rico is quite good, not too much into carcassone. I haven't tried Twilight Imperium but it looks like an epic game, I'd love to play sometimes. I might bring it up at the next meetup! You should definitely try worker placement games if you like other board games. It beautifully distills the game into one decision between a pretty small number of options. You remove luck, negotiations and you are left with just a finite amount of thigns to do. From there each move is like solving a little puzzle. Puerto Rico is essentially worker placement with 1 worker though, because you pick one of 5-6 actions each turn. But I think the pure experience Agricola offers of planning out your 3-4 moves each round and trying not to starve is really cool. And then Keyflower offers bidding workers for actions counteracting how bad it is to go last in Agricola. And Dungeon Petz does the same thing with a blind auction (you decide in secret how many workers you put and whoever bids the highest gets to take the action first).
  2. Mike


    Over the last 2-3 years, I really got into boardgames. I've been a fan of diplomacy since I was a kid and I played some Settlers in college. But the recent wave of board games really got me into the hobby big time! I play small games at least twice a week and do big meetups every couple weeks. My favorites right now are Agricola, Dungeon Petz and Keyflower. ( I love worker palcement!) I've also played and liked Terra Mystica, Dominion with various expansions, Ticket To Ride, Race For The Galaxy, Twilight Struggle, Resistance, Coup, Love Letter, Hanabi, Jaipur, Mr Jack and a bunch of other less well known ones. Anyone here got into this over the last few years?
  3. This test is silly. It does this big binary thing between the 4 (5) variables, but I bet in many ways you are all down the middle in some of them. I am very strong on thinking (vs feeling) and judging (vs percieving) but all the other ones are not worth putting into one or the other bucket..
  4. Mike

    political compass time

    2004: Economic Left/Right: -2.62 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.15 2007: Economic Left/Right: -2.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.38 2008: Economic Left/Right: -3.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.28 2014: Economic Left/Right: -3.62 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51 2015: Economic Left/Right: -5.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.21 I am moving ever so slightly to the left economically. But basically unchanged... As does everyone else here! But what happened 5-6 years ago? People swang over to the right in college to become liberetrian and then went back to being liberal? Also, hi!
  5. Mike

    nostalgia thread

    Seriously though, Don't you just want to click on that stable and queue up some Hippikons?
  6. Non-radiohead thom yorke has been better than Radiohead recently. Atoms For Peace is awesome, and his solo album is very good too. This is not Radiohead but it's actually pretty good..
  7. Why would a 2 minute scene in the end invalidate an entire movie? I thought it was good and fun and is probably the movie that most closely resembles a video game ever, not in like a mortal kombat way, but actually the feeling of playing a hard video game. I thought it was cool, and decided to ignore the last 2 minutes the moment I came out of the theater
  8. Does anyone else here listen to the This American Life? It's fantastic almost every week!
  9. San Marzano tomatos are clearly best for making tomato pasta sauce and they are ripe and tasty fresh for literally a few weeks a year. Putting in shitty off season tomatos of the wrong kind is bad. You're goign to cook the tomatos, you're not losing almost anything by using canned tomatos, and the benefit of using the right tomatos is huge. Canned san marzano tomatos are the way to go, you should really try it sometimes, you will see a big difference. Please report back when you do - I've actually tried it both ways. (Unless you are magically in those 3 weeks of August-Sept when you can get them fresh, and have access to a store that sells them).
  10. I didn't listen to this from this link, but I heard this show before. It's actually pretty sad, they were exterminating the goats like crazy, and when they couldn't find some of the goats they sent spy goats so they could finish the rest. Crazy shit.
  11. I feel like the onions release water and the meat doesn't brown, that's why I did it separately. Maybe if I do onions for a while and then add the meat it could work... Also I forgot to write that I added chicken stock in addition to the wine.
  12. Tomatos: I disagree! I think canned tomatos are better than fresh tomatos for this purpose. Onions: Yes, As you can see I actually had to use a shallot I had laying around because I realized I clearly don't have enough onion. It was sad. Spices: There are other spices there! Basil and oregano in this case.
  13. Am I doing this right? Ingredients (some of them, who can really plan the whole thing from start...) Mise en something Browning the meat Browning the veggies, about to add wine too soon, before mushrooms are done Added the wine, canned tomatoes, tomato paste Cooking for some time, adding more spices Bonus cactii I got last week, the madagascar tree and the double butt Looking about done! Cheese and parsley I like to mix it in the pan, not pour over in the plate: Now please tell me how wrong I am (Mushrooms??? Too much tomatos??? etc...)
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