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  1. Manziel will lead them to 16-0, then go on an all-night bender and go AWOL before the first playoff game, and then the Browns will lose to the Chiefs 24-10. Book it.
  2. Once they actually get the game stabilized, I wanna play wit you guyses.
  3. Rebel insanity has been hotfixed, should be manageable now.
  4. 11 million people slaughtered like animals is one thing, but muh Game of Thrones? This means war, Germany!
  5. What is it about the Danes and possibly offensive if you're an uptight prick cartoons?
  6. For the first time since September 23, 2002, the A's have the best record in baseball!
  7. Gofgij


    Do not fret, I'm back now.
  8. Second game of the season rained out, on the only trip Cleveland makes to Oakland this year. Means a doubleheader scheduled tomorrow already!
  9. It minorly inconvenienced me, but I made do. So you can consider that a small victory.
  10. Oh my god Lief not all raiders are related. Have a little tact.
  11. 4.1 might as well be 3.3, so if you didn't like season 3 you won't be thrilled. But the midseason finale has lots of very large explosions and then they're on the run and split into 4 small groups for the remainder. It's also a helluva lot darker. Child killin', woman rapin'......child rapin'.....not even kidding.
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