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  1. Did you know if you prepend fph to a regular word it becomes a great username for loads of services? I'm fphhotchips in loads of places now.
  2. Well that happened in 2015 - how can I possibly be expected to find emails from that long ago?
  3. I went looking for a slack invite and there was none. There was much sadness.
  4. Can someone explain if we can still progress? Because I am now 100% sure that we can't. but that's ok because that means we're just as good as spain, right?
  5. NSFW. Anyway, how is everyone?
  6. hotchips


    No socks. Family: Some shirts from Belgium, a shot glass with a picture of the Eiffel Tower, a few books that would interest my uncle but do not interest me, a cook book and some associated kitchen gear, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs on bluray, money, more money, some scratchies (which won a whole $13!) and a gift voucher to a local pub bistro. My work gave me the Steve Jobs biography, and a goodie basket. The place I'm contracted to gave me a bottle of wine and some produce (chocolate covered raspberries and the like). This means I'm pretty sure my best gifts of the year are a shot glass from my parents and a book from work. Also possibly the movies from my cousin.
  7. hotchips

    Forum Game of Acquire?

    As said by DF and Avenger.
  9. Well, no. It does whenever we talk about this Meta guy though.
  10. 15 cookies to word filter Meta to Martyr.
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