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  1. So now that this is no longer a thread concerning anyone's obligations, does it go back to being LOTW?
  2. HIGHLIGHTS: 10:30 - 15 year old Dan with braces. 4:35 - Dan rubbing manatee belly
  3. Submitted as proof that I have in fact been checking every hour.
  4. Shuskee thanks for the reminder I have been checking my email hourly.
  5. Keep in mind that once it's converted I will have a video link that I can simply choose not to share, in the same way that John chooses to not post a review of Edge of Tomorrow.
  6. I've done more to get it converted in the past week than Dave did in 6 goddamn years and NOW you want to antidugong?
  7. Recommendation: Says You! Style: Radio panel quiz show Great quiz show very reminiscent of British panel shows. Cast is a bunch of writers/etc and the games are mostly word based (things like having to pick the definition of an obscure word from 3 options, 2 of which were made up on the spot by the other team). Used to listen to it on the radio when I live in MA, just rediscovered it via the podcast. Worth noting that the original host was much better than the current one, but they frequently do reruns of old episodes.
  8. It will take time, but it will be done. First step complete: Planning on dropping it off at some point before the end of this weekend.
  9. They need to release a version of it where everything's the same except they show everyone in their motion capture suits instead of as cats.
  10. Cancelled HBO because its shittiest show was over?
  11. My prediction is Arya kills Dany for being an evil crazy bitch, then everyone's like "Jon you should be king" and he's like "no there will be no king, I'm going home" and Drogon melts the iron throne into a puddle, show over.
  12. Also they're making the big battle in episode 3 out of 6, gee I wonder if the night king wins. And adding to predictability, as soon as Tyrion asked if anyone would sing a song, my wife goes "Pod's going to sing and he's going to have the voice of an angel" Also idk if they're trying to make Bran sound wise and just failing miserably or he's acting perfectly and he's supposed to be a super cringy edgy teenager.
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