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  1. Um what are we doing about this terrible theme, it needs to be shitty tan.
  2. They walk on 2 adorable legs!!!!
  3. Ok, Into the Spiderverse was amazing. Really creative use of animation as a film medium, was blown away.
  4. Something something I'm a pirate.
  5. Nicely done, google translate.
  6. It's disney, the answer to why disney does anything is never not "oodles of money".
  7. I thought we pretty much established that lahmia had been prison-shanked?
  8. ohgod please don't tell us you've accidentally reproduced.
  9. That chicken is completely indifferent to its rubber brethren.
  10. I mean, 5 seasons in, it's kinda just formulaic on the general season arc. Bojack is trying to be less shitty, it's going ok, he fucks it up and does something super shitty, season ends with a "maybe this time he can really not be shitty" hopeful conclusion. Also the eulogy episode holy shit that was great.
  11. OH SHIT Which of the deployables do we already have? Because we need to be doing the inventory shuffle, while bobbleheads, while making airplaine noises with our arms straight out, while fighting with water balloons.
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