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  1. Cancelled HBO because its shittiest show was over?
  2. My prediction is Arya kills Dany for being an evil crazy bitch, then everyone's like "Jon you should be king" and he's like "no there will be no king, I'm going home" and Drogon melts the iron throne into a puddle, show over.
  3. Also they're making the big battle in episode 3 out of 6, gee I wonder if the night king wins. And adding to predictability, as soon as Tyrion asked if anyone would sing a song, my wife goes "Pod's going to sing and he's going to have the voice of an angel" Also idk if they're trying to make Bran sound wise and just failing miserably or he's acting perfectly and he's supposed to be a super cringy edgy teenager.
  4. Dan


    Um what are we doing about this terrible theme, it needs to be shitty tan.
  5. Dan


    They walk on 2 adorable legs!!!!
  6. Ok, Into the Spiderverse was amazing. Really creative use of animation as a film medium, was blown away.
  7. Dan

    who did this

    Something something I'm a pirate.
  8. Dan


    Nicely done, google translate.
  9. It's disney, the answer to why disney does anything is never not "oodles of money".
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