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    he just sits there, getting his teeth brushed:
  2. furries are basically running hollywood
  3. I hope they defeat brazil as much as that would hurt fucking PERU!!
  4. I want you all to know that you are turning into those old people who need help doing anything on their computer
  5. joost it was fixed a while ago now
  6. Lucianox

    Vecht Fantasia, 2019

    what he means is that is as surprising as the pope being catholic
  7. Lucianox


    Yes, all of those items.
  8. urgh but I just cancelled hbo
  9. ok- I'm taking my desk's picture frame and replacing the pic of my family with a print of that wikia article
  10. (here http://www.flyingpurplehippos.org/adminnnn/?adsess=u9l39gom8dfpr9kfp7qqrva3q2&app=core&module=customization&controller=themes&do=templates&id=3)
  11. Ok I added code to hide the "upgrade the forums!" notifications
  12. literally what's going to happen: dragonborn blonde will go crazy and burn everyone alive will blame tyrion the idiot for literally making every terrible call for 2 seasons or so and then also kill him jon "knows nothing" snow will murder his queen jaime, well, who the fuck cares
  13. The music was indeed amazing The on-castle blue dragon action was cool too
  14. I kept yelling at Giselle at how bad the battle was going... It seemed like the defenders were sieging the attackers and the defenders wanted to feed early to avoid a delayed defeat.
  15. Honestly I think the characters are just as confused and humored as we are
  16. luciano [14:05] well I fell victim to fan service seeing Brienne get knighted melted my cold heart for those few mins
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