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  1. Can we watch "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" and appreciate its 30 yrs of development hell and international release ban?
  2. https://www.engadget.com/2019/03/08/facebook-testing-watch-party-features-on-instagram-too/
  3. and yes I waited for you to be asleep to strike you with a notification your move doggyboi
  4. well I LIKE audio notifications @Shuskee
  5. And shared with facebook to sell your data for maximum profit
  6. OH http://www.flyingpurplehippos.org/index.php?/notifications/options/ the admin setting turned it off for new members but you guys have to do so manually
  7. I think it's because your post has "notify me of replies" on
  8. http://www.flyingpurplehippos.org/adminnnn/?adsess=s29r38tc2dfj389c00rtq6bvhv&app=core&module=membersettings&controller=notifications click the notifications settings HOWEVER i hope you get notified to death you UNGRATEFUL EURO TWAT
  9. done we can also add new ones
  10. I have renamed the rest of them as well
  11. you can now react with dugongs and it will raise your "reputation" by one
  12. omg we can now judge each other by the contents of our duggongs http://www.flyingpurplehippos.org/index.php?/topmembers/
  13. luckily with brexit this will cost nothing in a few months
  14. can't wait until someone googles "flying purple hippos" and this image pops up out of context.
  15. trump wins an election and SUDDENLY nobody loves kitty videos I knew it would be bad... but not this bad
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