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What remains of Templarhood
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  1. ok- I'm taking my desk's picture frame and replacing the pic of my family with a print of that wikia article
  2. (here http://www.flyingpurplehippos.org/adminnnn/?adsess=u9l39gom8dfpr9kfp7qqrva3q2&app=core&module=customization&controller=themes&do=templates&id=3)
  3. Ok I added code to hide the "upgrade the forums!" notifications
  4. literally what's going to happen: dragonborn blonde will go crazy and burn everyone alive will blame tyrion the idiot for literally making every terrible call for 2 seasons or so and then also kill him jon "knows nothing" snow will murder his queen jaime, well, who the fuck cares
  5. The music was indeed amazing The on-castle blue dragon action was cool too
  6. I kept yelling at Giselle at how bad the battle was going... It seemed like the defenders were sieging the attackers and the defenders wanted to feed early to avoid a delayed defeat.
  7. Honestly I think the characters are just as confused and humored as we are
  8. luciano [14:05] well I fell victim to fan service seeing Brienne get knighted melted my cold heart for those few mins
  9. I believe we could do this before 😮
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