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  1. Hi Jeff! Good to hear from you again, and no sweats. Would you like a different screen name here too, other than Sunny?
  2. Totnum is a noble club of self-sacrificing people
  3. I would like to thank Manchester City for starting to suck the minute I sell all of their players
  4. You are all over-managing, a laissez-faire approach to football results in higher efficiency and more points You just have to believe in your players more Make the pie bigger and then feed it all to me is what I'm saying
  5. Also I would have had like 40 more points if I didn't consistently, without fail, pick the worst points-getter of Schmeichel and Fabianski
  6. Mods remind me to make a wikipedia page about this mysterious vandal,
  7. It's hilarious to me that the Dutch trolling of Germany backfired this hard
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