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  1. I don't think you can translate "inalienable" into Dutch.
  2. Hal

    Another webdiplomacy!

    I'm still pissed off that this game lets you build outside of your home SCs.
  3. I'm not sure that asparagus are better than Brussels sprouts, roasted with oil & garlic. Or, for that matter, cauliflower sauteed with coriander and peppercorns,
  4. I forgot this ever happened.
  5. Hi! So I, um, forgot that flyingpurplehippos.org existed, and kept wondering why FPH was gone since fph.fphblog.com or whatever was down. But then, about 36 hours into the beer fast, I had an epiphany. Or something. Anyways, Hi! By the way, beer fasting is weird. I prefer coffee fasting.
  6. Don't worry, shit gets more ridiculous and random. The key to the show is remembering that it is not West Wing. There isn't even the remotest semblance of realism. House of Cards : US Politics :: Shakespeare : Roman history Also: House of Cards's writing : Shakespeare's writing :: US Political History : Roman History BTW haven't finished the season yet (up to the Meachem episode, so like 1 or 2 away), but I think they might be trying to make me think that: Frank : Garett :: LBJ : JFK Y'know, just a few hints here and there. Every 5 seconds or so. This show doesn't really do subtlety either, I suppose. Also, I could do with less Reddit-pandering rabbit petting. I mean, I'm all for silly hackers with rabbits and angry German music, but they have to do interesting things, not just whine about the NSA. I read Hacker News for that.
  7. Just following orders, eh? (Sorry! Reading about Ukraine = EVERYONE IS A NAZI).
  8. Good news, everyone! Serbian nationalism only precipitates a world war once per century.
  9. Why does my forum look like a bad iOS7 app?
  10. Did that mafia actually work? I do NOT remember it.
  11. What other kind of libertarian propaganda is there?
  12. I missed the first 22 points driving from Whistler back to Seattle. I asked my girlfriend to read me ESPN and Twitter updates and she was like: "Ok, so Seattle is up 2-0 after 1 play" and I was like "whaaaaaaa??' and then we listened to the game on AM and I was reminded of how Real Americans think about football. For example, after Kam Chancellor (not a Star Wars villain?) laid out Welker, the old color guy (Warren Moon - not a rock drummer?) started explaining how they were going to try to hit Welker hard because he's "had trouble with concussions" before awkwardly stopping and remembering we're supposed to pretend that football doesn't cause them. Honestly I had more fun playing Terra Mystica than watching the game. I am boring in my dotage.
  13. Bother this OTD so I can't just talk about the weird pants in Her. I 90% liked the ending except . Compass tests seem silly; the point seems to be to try to schematize beliefs when people should be complicated and ad hoc and empirical... some things work well, others don't, and as technology and culture change, those sets change. Grand Unification Theories are just bad governance.
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