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  1. I had the strangest feeling the moment the manatee flipped for the rub it was like my life was finally complete it was like I could finally be happy
  2. Shuskee


    how can you cover this without even attempting a woo-oo
  3. lmao @ us for captaining sterling over the pukk tbh
  4. dan this is a friendly reminder that a week has passed and we're only willing to wait for up to two weeks more okay thanks
  5. and the first managerial change of the premier league season is upon us, with watford appointing quique sanchez flores watford I'm not sure if getting back to your ex on a rebound is such a fantastic idea, even if they are ridiculously good looking
  6. everyone look at this silly person that thinks a spurs game is ever won when it's less than a 5 goal lead with 5 minutes to go
  7. so soggy's going to be first in the league this week then
  8. they may be awful, but are there very awful? push yourself
  9. MIGHTY POLANT CLUBS EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN REPORT: it's all over, but the last team standing almost made it to september this time so everyone should be super proud
  10. kinda fucked up that you haven't dropped literally all of your personal and professional obligations to deliver this asap but ok
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