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  1. More likely the South Berlusconians saw a chance to rid themselves of the North Berluconians and jumped at it
  2. remember when the rams showed mou out of the CARABAO CUP after a dramatic 8 round penalty shootout
  3. leeds our foes have been ejected from championship playoffs should we ally lampard
  4. someone give me a multiple choice I don't know who is alive having not watched the show since 2014
  5. wait we have to eagerly watch the results of the Championship play-offs the hostile municipality of Leeds has already secured the lone goal in their away tie against Lampard's Rams
  6. I can't wait to start this all over again in what two months
  7. what a flex by shusky to make veggie pick the worst possible captain, allowing a final-day comeback
  8. or anything by the creators of the aforementioned 4 films
  9. Are we decided on Playtime then, and possibly saving some of these for a future watch? How is the last weekend of May (25-26)?
  10. the digital file containing my copy of Satantango has been assembled as a closed loop so there's no getting off that train once you've gotten on
  11. I don't even know if this is art I am consuming or commercial schlock
  12. The Cranes are Flying (1957) Be dazzled by Soviet melodrama! Unclear if Stalin would have liked this one. USSR. 97 minutes. Black Narcissus (1947) An erotic film about nuns in glorious technicolor. As far as I can tell, this one broke the minds of everyone who watched it because none of these reviews make sense. UK. 101 minutes. The Searchers (1956) Steve Bannon loves this film and interpreted it in weird Steve Bannon ways. Watch this and find out if you are Steve Bannon. USA. 119 minutes. PlayTime (1967) Monsieur Hulot goes for a meeting. Thankfully, hardly anyone talks because a mime made this movie. FR/IT. 124 minutes.
  13. I watched Haneke's Der siebente Kontinent, which was pretty good at evoking feelings about unfeeling modern bourgeois existence
  14. look isn't it obvious by now all the good writers would rather be writing about why the show is bad so they had to hire the shitty ones
  15. this is the thing the entire series was building to right
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