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  1. same service which carried twin peaks in canada is carrying this
  2. is this the sequel to chernobyl
  3. :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz:
  4. Frog

    *laughing in goat*

    https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/jul/09/goats-can-distinguish-emotions-from-each-others-calls-study solid lede, and also an important phenomenon to study
  5. we played aom yesterday did you have a tingling sensation
  6. ?? I have not been renewed into the league
  7. you get put back in it automatically if shuskee ever hits the renew button
  8. our research group has independently verified these findings
  9. time to RENEW the league whoever started it
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