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  1. that is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen 😭
  2. dan we feel that a proactive approach would get you better results that is why we advise that you email the costco photo center hourly
  3. clearly my mistake was not buying all the championship strikers from the get go
  4. ?!?!?! the service which gifted me TWIN PEAKS, KILLING EVE, and THE EXPANSE (S1 + S2) has also THE YOUNG POPE and I was wasting my time trying to get into "the man in the high castle", a terrible show with terrible characters set in Vancouver, BC
  5. oh good kane waited until the IB to get a hat trick
  6. I just wildcarded, what do you think?
  7. Watching everyone else put the (C) on Sterling
  8. wait, you didn't sell Kane for Kun?
  9. My weekly to-do list ✅ Awful Decisions
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