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  1. More likely the South Berlusconians saw a chance to rid themselves of the North Berluconians and jumped at it
  2. remember when the rams showed mou out of the CARABAO CUP after a dramatic 8 round penalty shootout
  3. leeds our foes have been ejected from championship playoffs should we ally lampard
  4. someone give me a multiple choice I don't know who is alive having not watched the show since 2014
  5. wait we have to eagerly watch the results of the Championship play-offs the hostile municipality of Leeds has already secured the lone goal in their away tie against Lampard's Rams
  6. I can't wait to start this all over again in what two months
  7. what a flex by shusky to make veggie pick the worst possible captain, allowing a final-day comeback
  8. or anything by the creators of the aforementioned 4 films
  9. Are we decided on Playtime then, and possibly saving some of these for a future watch? How is the last weekend of May (25-26)?
  10. the digital file containing my copy of Satantango has been assembled as a closed loop so there's no getting off that train once you've gotten on
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