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  1. So confession time... As some of you might already know, or guess, I am not a woman. I never have been. I am a burly, bearded, 30 year old man. Here's my story: Many, many years ago I used to be active on Age of Kings Heaven, back when the game was still relatively new, and the idea of having an off-topic forum was novel. I was young then - as were most users - and that led to us doing some really dumb shit. At one point, I don't even know why, there was a fad where people would register outrageous smurfs and try to see how long it would take for people to realize it was a smurf. In all the hype with this fad, I registered the username Sunshine and made up the persona of a naive and bubbly teenage schoolgirl. I was maybe 13 at the time. Some other users knew about it and played it up with me, but they long ago disappeared. What ended up happening next pretty much changed everything. I didn't really understand it at the time, and now in hindsight I realize a lot of it was because I played a woman on the Internet and it really was eye-opening for how women get treated and groomed... but I started making more friends - many older, male friends in the community - and within a month of creating the account I was already offered a job at HG. Prior to this I was just a background user. I didn't really know anybody and I could only dream at the time of becoming a HG staff member. I know maybe some of you might understand this, but I think I was blinded by it. And here it was being given to me as a gift on a silver platter. I didn't turn it down. But at that point I was now stuck in the lie. And after a while I started to enjoy it. It gave me the opportunity to express things about my teenage angst without having to feel like I was personally judged for it, especially when it came to my sexual orientation. I'm bisexual, and being Sunshine gave me the opportunity to embrace that sexuality without having to feel personally accountable to it... even though I knew it was wrong to lie to people about it and to take advantage of others. There were many opportunities in the years that followed for me to start anew and to drop the whole Sunshine persona. And admittedly, I should have. I hated the fact that I hid myself from friends. That everything I told to friends, which while truthful as far as what was going on in my life and what I thought about things, was still clouded by this identity that I wasn't and that I lied about. I kept up with the lie because it was easy. I kept up with it because it gave me an excuse to not be personally accountable for my actions. I want to apologize to you all. I want to especially apologize to Elpea, because for a time I think you genuinely wanted to help me with some of the struggles I faced then, but I was caught up in depression and drinking that I didn't give a fuck. You definitely didn't deserve any backlash I gave you. I would totally understand if you folks do not want to chat with me, or get to know me now for my real identity, or you feel I should go away. Rightfully you deserve that. You also deserve to have the truth, the whole truth, about this. You may think it doesn't matter, and that's fine. I just wanted to get this off my chest. Sunshine is truly dead for me. It died a while ago. So clan, it's nice to meet you. My name is Jeff.
  2. Has the emoji always looked like half its face is paralyzed?
  3. I got the email, now just need to get off my lazy ass and actually join
  4. sounds cool, please feel free to add me; I guess the old hgnavi (at) gmail.com email still works
  5. nah I'm still here, but what is this thing you call slack?
  6. how did I even find this place again
  7. what's going on? why am i here? who are you people?
  8. if vampires lived in calgary
  9. Sunny

    Countries Quiz

    I spelled Paraguay as Paragay and it was still accepted
  10. Sunny

    hey thar

    how'd you get access to my google search log? do you work for google? do you oogle and google?
  11. Sunny

    hey thar

    definitely i actually didn't know the new url for the forum
  12. Sunny

    Remember when...

    It's OK, I'm here to save the day or something.
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