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  1. Wait what the shit. e: What the fuck...
  2. Oh good, now no one has to get banned. Can we change out the arrow for a good ol' fashioned :stupid: ?
  3. First person to "upvote" gets banned. Dugongs only.
  4. Fairly high, actually Game became easier and simpler Wait, really? Why? How?
  5. What are the chances that I understand how to do anything if I were to patch, buy the expansions, and load up the game without reading anything?
  6. christ that image is so needlessly high res, it could be a davepic
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkP4bZKCHE8
  8. subverting tradition in the name of historical values would be the most 2018 thing to happen DEEF, DO SOMETHING OR I'M IMPEACHING YOU
  9. Is the motto still accurate? I feel like we've come full circle and now accept the gay as shit FPH design
  10. I just had a game where i just sniped enemy thingies the whole time right as they kept coming back in with huge chains.
  11. "No traps in the house, other than this one. I never came down here, see, because I knew these skeletons would kill me... So I never knew what evil things were happening! I mean... I never got confirmation anyway. I suspected, because I'm smart - I know the lay of the land! Probably the most interesting things are kept up in the top levels of the house...? Only the family is allowed up there." With an 8 insight check: He's a little hard to get a read on, even though he's pretty off balance right now. Definitely self interested follows the gold type, but he did see right through the party's trick to get into town. He may indeed know a few useful things, but is tongue tied and trying to recover his balance after realizing his employer is dead.
  12. Sefer if you want to search the rest of the house for runes, you can do this - but it will become what you do for a bit of time, if you want to catalog/investigate fully. Edit: I'm gonna assume that's a yes given your previous message. Sefer runs off to examine the rest of the house, pulling out notes and a pencil.
  13. To be clear it's just a bunch of shattered amber with some bands of metal with this symbol stamped on it: Anyway, Larnak is making his best groveling face (which isn't terribly good) and insisting that he had no part in "this terrible act of evil." He adds "Do you by any chance need... an employee?"
  14. The poetry seems to just be bad poetry, quite a bit of it probably because the author seems to have been Sarolian. The jar is shattered into several pieces, you doubt if it was anything special that it would work again. It's difficult to guess its age, but you do surmise it was a central part of the ritual. A little blood was smeared on it, and none of the cultists have a wound that would explain it (having been radiant and fire damaged to death), so probably it's the blood of the person ritually sacrificed to let loose the devil. An identification spell might tell you more. The vial you think is some sort of perfume with a relatively basic enchantment of some nature. There's only enough for one dose. After saying all that, Sefer, you notice..... There's a rune glowing in teal on the wall. #1 in your big list-o-runes: The Beggar.
  15. Olav: While Strazi is on the roof of the nearby building, you hear him mutter in infernal "How did you wind up here, so far away from your prison? Who freed you from the amber that bound you?" You see the little scorpion trying to sting him ineffectively. "Well, no matter. If my mother's amber jars aren't sufficient, you can rot in Rahadin's grasp."
  16. For the sake of brevity: Doric et al: You quickly make your way back into the Vaikor manor. [Sefer, make a perception check.] You quickly go past the vanquished skeletons, into the secret room at the back of the cellar. There's blood and ash everywhere. Between the lot of you, you search the bodies and find: 11 silver pieces, 1 simple iron key (on Lady Vaikor), a small book of terrible poetry (in a scrap of burned cloth you assume was a robe once), 1 tiny vial of an unknown liquid, 1 scroll of Detect Magic, and 1 broken amber canopic jar banded with iron stamped with the seal of the Amaranthine Throne. Behind you, you hear footsteps, and turn to find the lackey Larnak looking into the secret room at you all with a look of consternation, confusion, and then right back into weasel mode. Larnak: "I wasn't any part of this! I'm so glad you've taken care of this horrible business once and for all! Please don't hurt me!"
  17. Ziggy's perception check: You hear Strazi say "You're going back in your amber prison for another 400 years."
  18. Doric et al: Guards have not yet made their way to the Vaikor estate, though you imagine they will soon. Do you wish to begin by... Searching the main floor? Searching the cellar again? Searching the upper levels? Running away? Something else entirely?
  19. [since we're not playing for a month and we had a few loose ends in town to wrap up, we'll do a text RP thread so that we can just move on to tackling bonegrinder next session.] The situation as it stands: It's late afternoon, and it won't stop raining. Doric, Dohmnall, Sefer, Wolfgang, and Ziggy took cover from a monster in an abandoned boarded up house. Wolfgang, Dohmnall, and Doric are invisible thanks to Sefer's spell. (Casting any spells or making any attacks would end this on you.) Olav and Ysilor are at the Blue Water Inn in Vallish. (Feel free to jump in Soggy if you want.) Olav has rented a room to recover. Thurfir is out in the wilderness, searching for wereravens. Doric et al: Glancing around this former domicile, it's obvious it has not been used for a while and has nothing of value except perhaps a little rat meat. Outside, scarcely 30 seconds after Wolfgang called for help on the sending stone, the vampire Strazi appeared to confront the devil conjured in the Vaikor basement. He hisses something at the hideous entity in infernal [Ziggy, make a perception check], at which the devil decides to turn and flee. It takes to the sky, dashing, but Strazi turns into a bat and gives chase with alarming speed. Olav: You've been sitting in your room trying your best to formulate a message to send to Mordenkainen, but you've splotched your ink, dropped and smashed a cup, and been generally unbearably clumsy. Death has had its toll on you, and your already not-nimble fingers are betraying you currently. So you decide to go just outside the inn and stretch for a moment. (The entrance to these guest rooms is via an exterior staircase.) You crack open the door for a barest second, when you hear a terrible commotion outside. Screams, panic on the streets. You take a moment and glance around, and quickly spot something up in the sky: a hideous winged entity made of bone, with two long horns, a tail as long as you are tall, and a forked spear in its hand. Behind it zips something small and black. Then... suddenly the shape is in front of it. Then above its back. Whatever this thing is, it moves fucking fast. Far faster than the ~4 meters a second the winged devil (even from here you can discern its fiendish nature) is pacing. In the blink of an eye, the small black shape transforms into a man - no, scratch that, a vampire. THE VAMPIRE - who lands on the horned devil's back. They're flying south towards you but are really high in the air now. You can see him make a somatic gesture, then suddenly the devil disappears - polymorphed into something you can't make out from here. Both fall, landing like catapult stones into the roof of a building nearby. Instantly the devil poofs back into being. You see Strazi stand (still on the roof in the beating rain), twisting one arm back into place as if it were nothing, then get speared through the head by the devil's weapon. You see it protrude out the back of his skull, snapping the neck, before being the spear is pulled back to ready another strike. Strazi just.... pulls his head back onto his shoulders, and laughs, as the three gaping holes in his skull fill with blood and solidify. He casts another spell and the bone devil shrinks down into a tiny scorpion. He picks it up, yells into the sky "BUCEPHALUS", and waits for a minute. Safely still in cover of the inn, he does not notice you. Strazi says something idly in infernal to the little scorpion. [Olav make a perception check] Eventually his flaming horse appears, standing mid-air, Strazi mounts the beast, and both disappear into thin air.
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