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  1. Wait what the shit. e: What the fuck...
  2. Oh good, now no one has to get banned. Can we change out the arrow for a good ol' fashioned :stupid: ?
  3. First person to "upvote" gets banned. Dugongs only.
  4. Fairly high, actually Game became easier and simpler Wait, really? Why? How?
  5. What are the chances that I understand how to do anything if I were to patch, buy the expansions, and load up the game without reading anything?
  6. christ that image is so needlessly high res, it could be a davepic
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkP4bZKCHE8
  8. subverting tradition in the name of historical values would be the most 2018 thing to happen DEEF, DO SOMETHING OR I'M IMPEACHING YOU
  9. Is the motto still accurate? I feel like we've come full circle and now accept the gay as shit FPH design
  10. I just had a game where i just sniped enemy thingies the whole time right as they kept coming back in with huge chains.
  11. "No traps in the house, other than this one. I never came down here, see, because I knew these skeletons would kill me... So I never knew what evil things were happening! I mean... I never got confirmation anyway. I suspected, because I'm smart - I know the lay of the land! Probably the most interesting things are kept up in the top levels of the house...? Only the family is allowed up there." With an 8 insight check: He's a little hard to get a read on, even though he's pretty off balance right now. Definitely self interested follows the gold type, but he did see right through the party's trick to get into town. He may indeed know a few useful things, but is tongue tied and trying to recover his balance after realizing his employer is dead.
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