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  1. I think I played shitty as Turks for some reason
  2. Can someone send me an invite?? simfish@gmail.com
  3. I played it during free weekend... Co-op had some intense missions though too easy to let your teammates carry the day for you
  4. Does anyone wanna play with me? And WTF, the new AI actually knows how to LURE BOARS?!?!?!?! Does that mean... IT CAN FORWARD BUILD? PULL A DOUCHE? PULL AN ALPHAGO?
  5. Wait? Were you the legendary sarmis_Pascal??!?!
  6. Simfish

    the fuck

    i actually didn't see the thread where you mentioned me back in november though now i can.
  7. Simfish

    the fuck

    hey darkflame :D/> i suppose I cannot deny my oldness now too but i'm still one of those millenials who prolly will never "grow up", whatever that means. /r/lostgeneration for the winz.
  8. Simfish

    the fuck

    Hi Elpea - I had known of you for some time but we never got to talk in spite of it. I think you're cool though.
  9. Simfish

    the fuck

    Oh cool - I see. I was studying geoscience there. I enjoyed an oceanography class (http://www.geo.brown.edu/research/Fox-Kemper/classes/GEOL1100_13/index.shtml ) the most.
  10. Simfish

    the fuck

    I was actually in your backyard (at Brown University) for a year. I'm just visiting old forums since I miss the Internet 10 years ago and HG is finally dying (though surprisingly it hasn't died yet). And it's nice to see FPH still alive. What about you?
  11. haha. Do you have another account @ HG though?
  12. Hm, I couldn't find fierydarkness on the mod announcements. EDIT above: okay, I forgot some of my other banned accounts
  13. Aren't there some HG mods on these forums? Well, Talon used to be of course, but he left.
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