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  1. It's awful and I do not recommend.
  2. These are the mods I use and at least 96% of my skill. I picked versions that are all on the steam workshop to be super EZ. Alignment Grid Shows a grid, useful for aligning farms, judging range to place towers, seeing potential holes in walls, etc. or, you can get Alignment Grid and No Snow to get rid of snow if that bothers you. Pussywood Makes trees small so you can see behind them. Short Walls Same as Pussywood, but for walls. Idle pointer Shows idle villagers. I just got this on HD (I've only used it on Voobly) so be afraid, be very afraid. this one is awful
  3. he's also bringing a young child to show off, who if all goes well, will neither eat nor be eaten by manatees.
  4. Update: Dan is coming to town next weekend to reclaim the manatee video, eat falafel, and sail lame boats with his parents instead of awesome boats with me.
  5. If you had joined there would have been an even number of players (6) and we don't know how to make fair teams with that many, sorry Also this was late at night Americatime maybe can we schedule something more eurofriendly
  6. Yes some people who didn't own the entire map apparently needed to trade or get relics or something for their gold idk
  7. Last evening, August 10 2019, 5 FPHers got together to do something the likes of which we haven't seen in some time: Play Age of Empires. Two versions of it. It went pretty well. Game One Game: Age of Empires II: HD Edition Rules: Random land map (small-ish), we got Continental, Conquest victory, normal whatever Teams: Dave vs Soggyfrog, with Veggie, Elpea, and Mush on diplo Civs: Dave (Incas), Soggyfrog (Japanese), Veggie (Mayans), Elpea (Celts), Mush (Goths) Dave and Soggy on opposite sides of the map, with Elpea to the side on the left and Mush and Veggie to the side on the right. Mostly reasonable map generation except that two of Veggie's sheep spawned on Soggy's land, and I got one of Elpea's boars... Smaller than normal maps and 20 year old random map generation don't play well together. There's lots of water on this map, which means lots of fish. You should always fish, it's like having an extra TC making villagers. Soggy placed one of the worst docks I've ever seen though. Veggie's wasn't much better. Docks should stick out into the middle of a large body of water, where there are more fish. And then we all boomed forever. Dave fast castled, Soggy seemed worried about a rush so was a bit slower / more defensive. Veggie and Elpea were already market trading in Feudal, which was novel. Elpea seemed to brilliantly predict that Soggy would raid him early instead of going for Dave, built some perfectly symmetrical stone walls to keep him out, then opened up the gate with his trade carts. Meanwhile Dave was all about the castles, and had Soggy running back home. No one tell Soggy the castles didn't have murder holes. Soggy had enough of the aggressive castle dropping, and started trebbing them down. The Kamayuks moved in to respond... And completely demolished everything. What the fuck? But Soggy had trebbed down Dave's forward castles, and combined with a BAXSTAB from Veggie, the attack was stopped. The Kamayuks engaged, and killed everything. They also killed Soggy's attempt at pushing Dave's castles while he was busy with Veggie, which Dave later criticized Soggy for not doing. But it turned out the Kamayuks just took care of it. These things are stupid good. They're even good at tearing down buildings, because their 1 range lets you attack with twice as many. With the Veggie uprising put down, Dave returned to fight Soggy, this time with his BFF 4 LYFE NO BAXSTAB buddy Elpea. The Final Battle... at least the final one that mattered. Once again, Kamayuks killed all. BUT WAIT! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING IN THE EAST!!!!! The Mush is invading Veggie! And he's... Winning!? He won. Back on the southern front, Dave killed Soggy all the way. BUT SOGGY ESCAPED BY BOAT, to the back of Mush's base! Soggy and Mush were allied, and Soggy and Veggie were allied, but Mush killed Veggie, and I don't even know what's going on that's the magic of diplo And then the Kamayuks killed Mush. And Soggy transported back to Veggie's burned down base. This is getting tedius, Dave and Elpea cleaned up what was left and didn't baxstab each other because they're BFFS 4 LYFE and never baxstab. The end. Mostly Dave beat up Soggy, and also everyone beat up Veggie. COMING UP IN PART TWO: Age of Mythology, including some normal 2v2 action, and then possibly the greatest new mode FPH has ever invented: KOTH UBL with team shared resources and population. It's wonderful and terrible at the same time. Mostly terrible. So terrible it's wonderful.
  8. Dave


    Cute polar bear playing with his BFF cow
  9. Hit or miss here but dan gets a dugong for that one anyways
  10. Dave

    FPH proudly reminds you

    That while the rest of the internet is all fucked up, we're far too primitive to be affected by things like cloudflare outages. You're welcome.
  11. please direct all complaints to the complaining at elpea council
  12. Dave


  13. Also they should take ~a minute to reload, the first volley missed, and she was ready to burn them then didn't.
  14. THOUGHTS ON THEORY ABOUT BRAN BEING THE LORD OF LIGHT? Reanimates dead dudes with fire instead of ice (like jon and his mommy) Can light things on fire Was doing shit during the battle idk it's on reddit
  15. joost dave lp frog shusky veg lief john that's 8 people!!!
  16. you know as well as anyone that you can't rush these things
  17. Someone was going to hype it or something, I was just responsible for the bracket I want to be clear here that while this is very terrible, it is not my fault.
  18. Soggy points out that we should have a losers winners bracket, for people who actually like to try hard. So two tournaments in one. Parallel universes or something.
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