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Also kicked out of the clan
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  1. Dave

    FPH proudly reminds you

    That while the rest of the internet is all fucked up, we're far too primitive to be affected by things like cloudflare outages. You're welcome.
  2. please direct all complaints to the complaining at elpea council
  3. Dave


  4. Also they should take ~a minute to reload, the first volley missed, and she was ready to burn them then didn't.
  5. THOUGHTS ON THEORY ABOUT BRAN BEING THE LORD OF LIGHT? Reanimates dead dudes with fire instead of ice (like jon and his mommy) Can light things on fire Was doing shit during the battle idk it's on reddit
  6. joost dave lp frog shusky veg lief john that's 8 people!!!
  7. you know as well as anyone that you can't rush these things
  8. Someone was going to hype it or something, I was just responsible for the bracket I want to be clear here that while this is very terrible, it is not my fault.
  9. Soggy points out that we should have a losers winners bracket, for people who actually like to try hard. So two tournaments in one. Parallel universes or something.
  10. Set up the tournament to find the worst player group stage, worst of each group move on (or realistically, we just use it to determine seeding) then move on to a single elimination bracket where the loser of each series moves on to the next round it's genius i volunteer to run the bracket
  11. My job here is keeping the server running and paying for the hosting/domain My job has never been to run updates or do skins.
  12. Dave


    for some fucking reason we "upgraded" this again now elpea needs a new sig to match df's
  13. Dave

    who did this

    Have you actually used sailboats to steal things though? Because some of us have...
  14. Dave


    oh ok that's good at least
  15. Dave


    it's df?
  16. Dave


    we have a leader?
  17. Dave


    how could something in the game not have happened until after the game
  18. I dunno man words like "gametes", "copulation", and "zygote" don't normally refer to single cellular reproduction and besides those are plant-type organisms that's different
  19. that's just to be able to make enough rna, if you dont divide you're one cell them's the rules i dont make 'em
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