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  1. for some fucking reason we "upgraded" this again now elpea needs a new sig to match df's
  2. Have you actually used sailboats to steal things though? Because some of us have...
  3. oh ok that's good at least
  4. how could something in the game not have happened until after the game
  5. I dunno man words like "gametes", "copulation", and "zygote" don't normally refer to single cellular reproduction and besides those are plant-type organisms that's different
  6. that's just to be able to make enough rna, if you dont divide you're one cell them's the rules i dont make 'em
  7. I saw xeno and I thought xenophyophores, single cell organisms the size of your fist. They're pretty nuts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenophyophore
  8. we officially switched to discord by the way much like the US officially switched to metric in the 1970s
  9. sponges are really fucking pushing it on the being animals thing, yes they have animal cells but they don't even have tissues come on man use echinoderms (starfish and such) as examples of animals without bilateral symmetry, or cnidaria (jelly things) also echinoderms, despite lacking bilateral symmetry, are in the clade bilateria so you know, taxonomy makes sense
  10. Aah yes, the bobbit worm. They're venomous, too!
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