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    i have no words for you, sir, only pixels
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    is this the sequel to chernobyl
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    he just sits there, getting his teeth brushed:
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    :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz:
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