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  2. luciano you had the option not to post that and yet you elected to post that, using your free will
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  5. same service which carried twin peaks in canada is carrying this
  6. i have no words for you, sir, only pixels
  7. Lucianox


    he just sits there, getting his teeth brushed:
  8. furries are basically running hollywood
  9. it's a cinematic tribute to hieronymus bosch
  10. is this the sequel to chernobyl
  11. I loved the movie from like ten years ago, it was such a bizzarre clusterfuck of bad editing that it was kinda psychedelic
  12. :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz::wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz::wzwz: :wzwz:
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  14. Frog

    *laughing in goat*

    https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/jul/09/goats-can-distinguish-emotions-from-each-others-calls-study solid lede, and also an important phenomenon to study
  15. Yes, just one thing A smurf team composed entirely of Arsenal players, ex-Arsenal players, players who turned down Arsenal (And a couple of heroic wolf heroes)
  16. Is there a single thing in the world more existentially dreadful than copy-pasted wishes to enjoy yourself
  17. If you use a browser based webmail application, like Gmail or Yahoo!, you can copy and paste the text below: Hi I'm playing Fantasy Premier League in a league called L'Hippopotamaise. Why not join me? The code to join this league is: z22ksi Enjoy the game!
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