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  1. Yesterday
  2. So now that this is no longer a thread concerning anyone's obligations, does it go back to being LOTW?
  3. I had the strangest feeling the moment the manatee flipped for the rub it was like my life was finally complete it was like I could finally be happy
  4. oh god why did fph forums youtube decide to die on me now
  6. i feel like this is like half life 3 it's not that it's bad, it's just not possible to live up to the hype mods please enable antidugongs so i can antidugong myself
  7. HIGHLIGHTS: 10:30 - 15 year old Dan with braces. 4:35 - Dan rubbing manatee belly
  8. Last week
  9. that is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen 😭
  10. Submitted as proof that I have in fact been checking every hour.
  11. dan we feel that a proactive approach would get you better results that is why we advise that you email the costco photo center hourly
  12. Shuskee thanks for the reminder I have been checking my email hourly.
  13. You're probably lucky to get away with so many point
  14. Time to bring in Mourinho now. He’s the only one that can either save Arsenal or, failing that, destroy it once and for all in the most hilarious way.
  15. Shuskee


    how can you cover this without even attempting a woo-oo
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